E-Paper Vendor Terms of Services


These are the terms of service which represent the binding agreement between Learning Impact NG (owners of EPaper Vendor) and you. The terms apply to all the free and paid services delivered through our digital platforms, except when there is an alternative binding contract between Learning Impact NG (owners of EPaper Vendor) and you.

By proceeding with the usage of any of our services, you are confirming that you have reviewed and agree to comply with these Terms of Services, and any user account which we deemed to have failed to adequately comply with these Terms, which covers our Privacy Policy and Service Level Agreements, will be immediately suspended or removed from the platform, pending further review.

Part A: Service Delivery

The E-Paper Service (A Product of Learning Impact NG) is a subscription-based service that provides a full- digital version of newspapers and magazines to registered clients.

Payments for our service are made via our website, quickteller or through direct lodgment into our designated bank account.

A valid subscription will only commence when the funds for the subscription have been received. The subscription begins on the day of payment and commencement of subscription as indicated at the point of subscription.

The subscription and the service will lapse on the anniversary of the commencement date depending on the subscription purchased (quarterly, six-months or yearly), and subscribers will be sent renewal notices close to the end of their subscription.

At the expiration of a subscription, the newspaper delivery will be suspended until the subscription renewal payment is duly confirmed.

The e-Newspapers will be made available before 7:00am each morning and subscribers will be sent notification via email or phone numbers.

Where the E-Paper cannot be delivered as agreed, subscribers will be duly notified and offered a substitute or extension of service, based on the specific user request and preference.

Subscribers may contact our Customer Service line +234 809 536 8967 or via e-mail at [email protected], and remote assistance will be promptly provided depending on the priority of the support request.

Part B: Service Usage

The e-papers are for the exclusive use of registered subscribers, and all subscriptions are tied to individual users uniquely identified by their email addresses and phone numbers.

Only personalized email addresses (such as [email protected] or [email protected]) are considered valid for subscriptions on the platform. Corporate email addresses in group format or general form (such as [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]) are not valid and will be screened from the platform.

Subscribers using any our free or paid services are prohibited from sharing their access details or copies of publications with others, and corporate subscribers are also not allowed to transfer user access from one person to the other within or outside the organization.

Subscribers are also NOT allowed to store copies of their Daily EPapers on a retrieval alert system for groups of users or single users.

All practices and processes that involve sharing EPaper account accesses or copies of publications with others – friends, acquaintances, colleagues, clients, staff, students or anyone other than the registered user - constitutes a gross violation of our Terms of Service.

All user accounts and downloaded publications will be remotely monitored for access activities, usage and any form of redistribution. Subscribers or organizations found violating our Terms of Service will be suspended indefinitely from the platform without compensation, while necessary legal actions are pursued.

We strongly advise that designated users are properly informed about our Terms of Service by their representatives, this is because:

  • Interfacing person(s) for group subscriptions are adjudged responsible for the e-paper usage of their designated subscribers.
  • Organizations are accountable for the e-paper usage of all their designated staff.

We reserve the right to update these terms at any time by sharing the new updates on our platforms, and duly notifying users, at least, 7-days before the new updates become effective.

If you need any clarifications or enquiries regarding this Terms of Service and any of our policies, please contact our team via +234 809 536 8967 or [email protected]

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